Wonderful DIY Gift Ideas for New Moms

Your older sister is now a new mom and you want to know how to make decorative items at home to present to her as gifts. Thanks to blogs and online videos, it is no longer hard to learn DIY decor skills. With a little time and effort, your sister will have memorable gifts that she’ll remember forever. Here are some DIY gifts to make for new moms.

Homemade Parenting Book from all Mothers in the Family
The new mom doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with loads of parenting advice but one neat idea would be to present her with a journal filled with advice for her from yourself and the older mothers in the family. The advice should be realistic and based on everyone’s experiences as a mom. The journal can be divided into categories such as feedings and burpings, diaper changes, temper tantrums, illness in babies, maintaining marriage after kids, and stress relief.

Box of Homemade Headbands
If you’re crafty and skilled at making hair pieces for baby girls, it would be a good idea to present the new mom with a box of homemade headbands if she has a baby girl. Also include a gift bag filled with hair maintenance supplies such as shampoo and oils that will keep the girl’s hair moisturized.

Personalized Coffee Mugs
Purchase some plain solid colored coffee mugs and then design each of them with pictures or heartfelt sayings that will encourage the new mom each time she drinks coffee. Some ideas for images to paint on the mugs include singing blue birds, green trees, musical notes, flowers and flags.

The new mom will appreciate these fun and practical gifts. Many times people remember the unique gifts more than the average store bought gifts. This is probably because of the thoughfulness and time behind those gifts.